Are You Afraid of Your Construction Project Going Beyond Budget Because Your Estimation Has Errors?

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Imagine you calculated the cost of construction material wrong. And you end up in a situation where you don’t have enough funds to cover the extra cost.

In such a situation, you’ll have to stop your project. And you’ll never meet your goals until you have sufficient funds.

What if you calculated the wrong labor hours and the labor cost went beyond your expectations?

In such a situation, you may have to borrow money from elsewhere and pay the interest on it because you can’t let your project in halted situation.

What if you have estimated the wrong numbers for your construction project…

Many things will surely go wrong. And you have to bear the burden of it.

What if you hired construction estimating services? And they gave you the estimating construction costs with errors.


Completed Projects


Qualified Engineers


Active Projects


Worldwide Branches
Yes, you don’t want to end up in any of the aforementioned situations.

So, what is the solution that doesn’t increase your construction costs and problems?

It’s the only one!

Hire a construction cost estimator that guarantees at least 98% accuracy and has diverse experience in handling construction projects ranging from residential to industrial projects.


Introducing Top Estimators…

One of the best Residential and Commercial Cost Estimator in the UK

Top Estimators has over 15 years of hands-on experience in calculating and estimating construction costs for a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects.

Top Estimators has a database of prices and costs that is updated regularly. That’s why Top Estimators can manage to give you 98% accuracy with a money-back guarantee.

Top Estimators has the best industry standard software to calculate every cost by reviewing drawings and plans.

Top Estimators is not a one-man operation. But a team of experienced construction cost estimators works on the project to give you everything that you require.

Top Estimators helps you:

Win More Tenders
Get More Private Clients
Expand Your Construction Business
Reduce Your Losses in Projects
Be Precise in Every Quote

Here are some facts about Top Estimators:

Top Estimators has completed 19987 projects.
Top Estimators has worked with 148 qualified engineers.
Top Estimators has 52+ projects in progress.
Top Estimators has 30+ branches all over the world.

Why should you hire construction cost estimating consultants?

  1. You can increase the number of projects that you can secure in the least time. The Commercial Estimator London works for you and removes the burden from your shoulder. So you can focus on completing the work instead of winning the jobs.
  2. You don’t have to spend your time on overhead chores that distract you from your main job. As a result, your quality of work improves automatically, and you produce minimum errors in your delivery of the job.
  3. You deliver more jobs in minimum time, which increases your revenue and profits. In fact, your profit margin also increases because you have more accuracy and reduce your waste.
  4. You have more free time to allocate to your job. As a result, you increase your productivity and efficiency.
  5. With more free time, you can focus on growing your business instead of spending all the time on non-productive tasks.

Top Estimators Has a Minimum Turnaround Time

Full Take Off and Bill Production for D&B and Drawing and Specifications
Management and Consultant Advice
Overseas Projects to FIDIC contracts
Training Programs for Trainee Estimators
Full Analytical Pricing of BoQs and Drawings and Specifications
Full Take Off using BIM software
Produce sub-contract enquiries in PDF and Excel format
2 Stage Tender bids

Things to look for while hiring construction cost estimating consultants?

Look for at least five years of experience. Also, review their portfolio. So you can know whether they have completed projects like yours. Don’t hire any estimator who has less than five years of experience. It’s because nobody can be proficient in estimating without spending at least five years in the business.

Ask the relevant questions to examine the expertise of an estimator. You must check the knowledge of the estimators critically. Within a few questions, you’ll know whether you are talking to the right person or not.

If you need an estimator and cannot find them available, it’ll hurt your business. So, always hire a reliable estimator who can be there when you require them to be.

If an estimator cannot communicate with you clearly, he is not the best choice. Poor communication can bankrupt your business. And you can go under by making a single mistake. Always hire an estimator with good communication skills.

Hire an estimator who can understand your goals and vision. If an estimator understands your requirement clearly, he can deliver accordingly.

Why is Top Estimators the Top Option among all construction cost Estimators in the UK?

Top Estimators provides you with what you want for our construction projects. As a result, you earn more revenue and win more jobs while saving your time, energy, and resources.

All estimates are 98% accurate.

Delivered work that makes use of cutting-edge software

more than 15 years of expertise

Branches on every continent

International Reach

knowledge of construction regulations

Punctual delivery

The initiatives are managed by a group of professionals. Have completed 19987 projects

Contact us right now for the highest-quality construction estimating services in the UK!

Top Estimators has a database of current prices all over the UK. That’s why your estimating cost will never go beyond your expectations. Also, with such accuracy, you can win more jobs in the least time.